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Good Will Fire Company of Bridgeport, PA 

Montgomery County Station 54B

The Good Will Fire Company's Social Club can trace its roots back to 1923 with the construction of the company's second home on Bush Street. The all new state of the art fire station not only housed firefighting equipment, but also a banquet facility on the second floor; it was also known to double as a gymnasium for time to time. With liquor license in hand, the social room opened in 1938, moving between the banquet hall and what is now the firefighter's lounge area on the first floor depending on the seasons. With the completion of the building addition in 1955, the social room found it's permanent home and a new grand entrance for the banquet hall to boot.

Through the years, the social club has had its ups and downs. As a fire company, our organization is in the business of protecting life and property, but that does not make us immune to fire. A devastating fire in 1977 drastically changed the footprint of both rooms while a fire in 2004 led to a complete renovation of the hall. Our company's social club has endured though, coming back better than before in it's continuing effort to provide the community a great venue to unwind with friends or to host that next special occasion.

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